refresh.  renew.  repurpose.  redesign.



Meet Brenda.

From before I can remember, my mom would share stories of me rearranging our home, lying on my back and pushing with my little legs and feet to get furniture moved. Placement was everything - still is. My mom was a real estate agent gifted in design, and my Dad, an engineer. They made the perfect team for remodeling, flipping and building homes. From New Orleans to Texas to So-Cal and back, I was blessed to be a part of that journey and take in everything I could. Later in high school and through college, I staged homes before it was a thing. I had the ability to see a space differently, for what it could be and I loved the challenge of marketing a home in a way potential buyers could see it too.

Shortly before getting my degree I took an advertising class, the final project was reviewed by some of the top ad agencies in Dallas. Through this, I accepted an internship and my first job. The experience and exposure to the art of presentation has stayed with me to this day. During my five years there, I married my college love and we soon started our family. I left the agency to raise our two children and started a home-based business with renewed hope to get back to residential design.  I would redesign friends’ homes, help them shop, repurpose an old piece in a new way, refresh the space with paint or fixtures... they’d tell a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker and so on.  I love being a part of their stories coming to life through design. To date, my business is 100% referrals and I’m beyond grateful for the people and opportunity God has placed in my life.

From consultations - to decorating a space - to large-scale remodel, my business has been redefined to include it all.  I love what I do!  You could also say its part of who I am.  It’s my story and “re.” is my brand.